What's Your Super Power?

You already have it.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, it's in you. Let's say you get hit with a super-mega-gama-ray of randomly scientifically amplificating uber-you-ness that turns you into Super ______(insert descriptive name here).

What's your super power?

(Leave a comment with your answer!)


  1. I'm going with "epiphany" - the ability to shine truth, clarity and inspiration.

  2. For now I'm going with awkwardness. I'm pretty super awkward - the years of working days and nights and weekends have taken their toll and made me more Asperger's-y than ever.

    But that should end soon! I'll be forcing myself to take more time to myself. In the near future. Maybe then I can get a new super power?

  3. Persuasiveness.