Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brilliant Undiscovered Idea (in no particular order) #2 • 5/365 •

Necessity is the mother of invention. So am I. I'm always coming up with brilliant ideas. Trouble is, however valuable a brilliant idea is, the real gold lies in the execution. And let's face it, I don't really want to do every thing I think of. So I'm sharing some of these ideas so that you can take them and get rich!  In no order of importance or best-ness, here is number 2 (you can read #1, It's Nacho Restaurant, here).

"The Chinese Delivery Hub"

Calling for Chinese delivery scares me. Not in a horror-film way, but I'm always insecure about my order. It never really seems as if we understand each other, the Chinese person on the other end of the line and I. I don't mean understand each other intimately, like who we are as people, I just mean what my order is, how much it will cost me, and whether it will be delivered to my house. Funny as the conversations can be, I'd rather know that I'm getting what I want. 

Actually, I'm highly impressed that they generally do get things right. Whichever the restaurant in where ever the town, they pretty much always charge my card the right amount and come to the right address with the right order, plus some bonus crab rangoon. 

Still, it's scary.

The solution: Open a "Chinese Delivery Hub." I don't know if it's you who's going to do it, but it needs doing. Get clear-speaking people to answer a phone line and take down customer's orders, charge customer's credit/debit cards, and pass the order straight through to the Chinese restaurant of the customer's choosing (or closest to them). The Chinese restaurant then has an order in writing, clear (maybe even translated if necessary).  They might not ever even open up a merchant account to accept cards! The Delivery Hub will handle that... and customers will be worry-free. 

Let me know if you do it, I'd love to do your branding! 

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