Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Non-traditional Valentine's Day gift ideas for creative people and geeks • 11/365 •

What does Valentine's Day mean to us now days? What exactly are we celebrating? Truth is, it isn't really relevant - and it's not even just about romance any more either. Kids are pressured into buying cards for their classmates in elementary school (too early for romance) and they come home filled with unfairly-traded chocolate and tooth-rotting sugar. 

I say it's not necessary. If Valentine's Day doesn't mean something to you personally, skip it. Still, romance is lovely. So if you just feel like being romantic (or if your sweetheart will deduct major points for non-participation), then try something besides the usual chocolates. Here are a few ideas that creatives and cool geeks wouldn't expect, and will love to receive, with or without flowers.

Alex Bogusky's new venture, Fearless, has a shop, the shop has t-shirts. What could be a better message than "Fear less love more"? 

Mimoco - designer usb flash drives. Because they are cool, creative, original... and useful. Romance in the digital age.

Veer is always great. Give a message of "unity" with these ampersand cuff links. To me, the ampersand is a symbol of unity, love, oneness. It's inclusive. With "and" there is no separation.

Obey isn't the most romantic word in marriage vows, but it's quite fabulous when on something Shepard Fairey created. Give an artistic piece of history - on a business card holder.

A URL. It's more practical than buying and naming a star, and more affordable! Buy "" (or whatever their name is) and put a special message up there for your loved one to see. Be romantic all year ... change up the message and send your love links every few weeks!

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