Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dusting-off notes: part 1

In a never-ending education process, I attend a lot of conferences and programs. I listen to a lot of speakers and watch a lot of presentations. I watch movies and videos (and commercials!). I play games, I participate outside of my circle. I read books, articles, blogs, tweets and white papers. There is a constant stream of information that I tap into on a regular basis because stagnation is death. 

I also take a lot of notes, which it seems I never go back to look at or do anything with. There is a wealth of pearls of wisdom and bursts of inspiration between the pages of closed notebooks and event booklets, lying in bags, shoved into piles, boxed or shelved. 

I thought I would go through some of those treasures and share them. Some of these are my own epiphanies, but most are quotes. I think they're still gems despite being out of context. Enjoy ...

The term "teenager" was coined in 1941 and wasn't used until the late 50's and early 60's.

The average first-time grandparent now is 46 years old. One third of the U.S. is invested in grandparenting.

"Social Media" and "Mobile" is so 5 years ago.

The year 2025 is always under construction.

Become collaborators in the creative process with your consumers.

Stop thinking about technology getting smaller and smaller, start thinking bigger. Think: where is the computing power going? Into tablets and televisions and cars.

Technology is heading into the background. You're just going to know it's going to heighten your experience.

So, there's a computer in your pocket. ~Mike Steib, Google

Start to think of the web as a thing that overlays your experiences in the regular world.

Social media is a place the consumer is looking for information they believe to be PURE. ~Neil Miller, Draft FCB

The truth of the matter is the customer is in control. ~Mike Boylson, JC Penney

There is a 17% drop in testosterone levels in men over the past 20 years.

Get more out there faster. It's a speed game. 

There are no bad creatives, only bad environments.

Will they want to see it again, play with it, share it?

Can we bring national quality advertising to any size market?

Creativity can solve anything.

70% rule = never go into the client and say it's 100% done.

Take chances or you're not even in the game! ~Ari Merkin, CPB

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